Hyde Park stabbing suspect still on the loose

The Hyde Park community is on edge. The suspect behind a brutal stabbing there over the weekend is still on the run. There are no new details in regards to the crime, that's what concerns people who live nearby. They are now looking over their shoulder.

Adam Rios has lived in the Hyde Park neighborhood for several years, bringing his two young sons to Shipe Park often.

"Yea, we've been coming to this park quite a while," says Adam Rios, Hyde Park resident.

It's a popular spot for families. But just one block over, is where a brutal stabbing happened on Saturday. Many things crossed this father's mind.

"How it happened? How something pretty random like that could happen in such a "safe" neighborhood? It just, like I said, heightens our awareness. I try, obviously having two young kids, not have them wander off. When it happens to an adult, who's minding their own business, you get a little scared about that," says Rios.

It was 7:00 Saturday morning when Austin Police were called to the area of 44th and Speedway. They say a man and woman were sitting on the curb. When the man left to go to the bathroom, the woman dozed off - that's when she reportedly woke up to another woman stabbing her. Jeremy Heath is in disbelief because he is normally leaving to work at that hour. His apartment directly faces the crime scene.

"These kinds of things, you don't think happen in Austin, Texas you know, which is like a really safe place. It's a good, safe city and stuff. You know, never something like this," says Jeremy Heath, lives near crime scene.

Heath says more random acts are occurring. He is worried for his safety, along with others.

"There was a state judge that had gotten almost assassinated you know, in Westlake. You think these things are under control," says Heath.

The woman who was stabbed was taken to UMC Brackenridge with life-threatening injuries. The suspect is described as a white female with curly or wavy dark hair. She was last seen wearing dark-colored clothing. Knowing the suspect is still out there, has the community on edge.

"I was worried about my mom. I told her about it and told her to stay safe. I think that's the main thing that people should take away from this, just to be safe when they're going out at night. You know, keep someone with them," says Roy Thomas, Hyde Park resident.

Residents say Hyde Park is a tight-knit community.

"We look out for each other, you talk to your neighbors, just keep doing it the way we've always been doing it. Almost self-policing," says Rios.

They won't let this crime break them apart.

Hyde Park is seen as a relatively safe area. We decided to look up crime in the area by zip code.
Austin Police Department records shows in 2014 there were 14 rapes, 11 robberies, 22 aggravated assaults, 101 burglaries and 741 thefts.

If you have any information in regards to what happened on Saturday, or the suspect, you're asked to call police.