Hyperloop transportation is fast approaching

A Texas Guadaloop team comprised of engineers and builders have just got back from Space X in California where they competed against teams from all around the world who all showcased actual vehicles known as pods which will be used in Hyperloop transportation.

Ben James who works for HomeAway a vacation rental company in Austin said he would often get off work then head to work on the pod with his team.

"Most of us have full-time jobs and we do this when we get off work. We are a devoted team," said James. 

He said there are endless possibilities surrounding Hyperloop transportation. 

"Image getting to Dallas from Austin in just 20 minutes?  Cut down commuting time so this can move five to ten times faster than a train."

The team figured out how to levitate a 1,200 pound pod.

"There are multiple ways to levitate and one is using air-barrings."

The barring’s can lift 2,000 pounds each and there are four.

"This pod can lift 8,000 pounds and our team levitates the pod at an inch and half which just looks really cool."

James said it's going to improve transportation.

"This can move ten times faster than a train."

The 150 foot track was used to test the pods.

"We came out and tested it on here and we had it levitating."

He also said that we have the technology to make it happen.

"It’s just a matter of regulations and right of way."

James believes sitting in traffic could soon be a thing of the past.

"This could be years not decades before we can ride a Hyperloop train," he said.