I-35 traffic rerouted, lanes reduced this weekend

This weekend, traffic on I-35 was rerouted and lanes reduced in both directions between Rundberg Lane and SH 290 as crews worked on several projects. 

This was the first of two major traffic shifts, the second being on the northbound side of I-35 on the weekend of June 28.

“It’s just getting crazy, it’s getting crazy!” said Preston Royals, of I-35 Saturday. 

Crazy is how Royals and many Austinites described the weekend traffic on I-35. 

“It’s horrible today,” said Ben Thomas. 

The Texas Department of Transportation urged drivers to avoid the interstate over the weekend. But Royals and Thomas were among the many unlucky drivers who failed to receive the message. 

“They're being backed up on main streets like this," Royals said. "If you look up there on the highway, it’s horrible, it’s just horrible."

Royals said he believes the projects will decrease traffic “but as of right now, it’s bring a lot of traffic into the city.” 

“I do think we need some improvements in the road, I just think they should plan it a little better.” Thomas said.