Idaho man wins $50,000 after buying 'first and only' lotto ticket

A man who says he’s never played the lottery in Idaho won $50,000 on a scratch-off ticket he bought on a whim.

Idaho Lottery says Anthony moved to Idaho about four years ago to be with family. Although he’s played scratch-off games in the past, he says he’d never played in Idaho before — until he decided to buy a ticket with leftover change at a store a few blocks from his house.

"I thought I must've just not understood Idaho scratch games, so I waited for my kids to get home. They would be honest with me on whether I was going crazy or not!" he told Idaho Lottery.

Even after his kids confirmed the big win, he went back to the store where he purchased the ticket to make sure it was real before he celebrated.  

Anthony and his son made the seven-hour drive from Bayview to Boise to collect the winnings. He told lottery officials he was getting a hotel and a nice meal with his son, then using the rest to pay off bills.

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"If there’s enough left over, I really hope I can get a vehicle that has four-wheel drive and no dents from deer," he said.