Injured Cedar Park infant out of hospital, with maternal grandmother

A Cedar Park neighborhood in the northwest part of town is where an injured baby is currently recovering. 

Cedar Park police lead investigator Lt. Larry Bond provided an update on the child's condition Monday morning.

"The baby is doing better, he has been released from Dell Children's and is safe at this moment," Bond said. "He is currently with the biological mother's mother, which is where CPS has placed him now."

The then-seven-week-old infant was rushed from the neighborhood to the hospital July 6. Doctors reported multiple injuries including bleeding in the brain, seizures, strokes, retinal damage as well as bruising to the chest, abdomen, hip and tongue.

"The extent of these injuries is something you'd normally see from physical abuse, or a violent car crash," Bond said.

Cedar Park police arrested the child's parents and booked them into the Williamson County Jail on Friday. Lee Alan Woodard, 21, is charged with injury to a child. The mother, Alexis Joan Basques, 21, is charged with injury by omission.

"She was aware things were going on and failed to act or failed to report there were issues to the baby," explained Lt Bond.

Investigators determined it took nearly 30 minutes for the couple to call for help. 

"Instead of calling immediately, once the baby was in distress, they first called the biological father's parents and waited until they arrived and after their arrival the 911 call was placed," Bond said.

The mother cannot have any contact with her child except during supervised visits. Meanwhile investigators are still trying to determine what happened.

"Specifically we have not learned a lot from the father, his version is that he was not angry and he was simply feeding him and attempting to swaddle the baby," Bond said.

This case still has to go through the courts, but Bond said it serves as a reminder and a warning for parents.

"New babies are resilient they are going to cry and sometimes they can be left to cry, and if you need to just walk out of the room and take ten deep breaths before going back in that's always much better than what we have here," Bond said.

The case is currently pending review by a grand jury.