Javier Ambler mural unveiled at Home Slice Pizza on South Congress

A mural of Javier Ambler was unveiled on South Congress Saturday. Ambler was killed during an altercation with Williamson County deputies in 2019

This week, Amber would have turned 42. “We always made sure that our days were celebrated to the fullest,” said Kimberly Ambler Jones, Ambler’s sister. 

Instead of spending the weekend celebrating with her brother as tradition, Kimberly Ambler Jones visited his mural located at Home Slice Pizza. “I didn’t expect it to look so real. Like the eyes for me, just looking at his eyes, it looks exactly like my brother.” 

The mural was painted by Georgetown artist Devon Clarkson.


“I could literally see his soul through this picture. It’s, I’m speechless pretty much with the way it turned out,” said Jones. 

In March 2019, Williamson County deputies tried to stop Ambler for driving on the highway with his high beam headlights on. Ambler did not stop. Deputies chased him into Austin.

The chase ended with a violent altercation, killing Ambler. 

In an Austin Police Department body camera video, Ambler can be heard telling deputies he has a heart condition, and that he cannot breathe.

“I’m so tired of seeing innocent men and women's lives being taken by people that are supposed to be here to support and take care of us,” said Jones. 

A LivePD crew was with deputies at the time, recording the chase and fatal altercation. Months later, the production team disposed of the video, before Travis County authorities could obtain it.

That prompted a Williamson County grand jury review.

About two weeks ago, at its conclusion, Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody and former Williamson County Assistant Attorney Jason Nassour were indicted, accused of tampering with evidence. Both were booked into the Williamson County Jail, and released within a matter of hours -- posting bond. Chody calls the charges “bologna.” 

"We are now about 1 month from the election and the DA is just now acting on a case that is nearly two years old. The facts are very clear, and let me be very clear, I did not tamper with evidence," he told reporters on September 28. 

Saturday, Jones said she felt the indictment was a “good start,” adding “there’s a lot of people that get indicted but what’s next.”