Jonestown family says feral hogs are terrorizing their yard

A Travis County family says feral hogs are terrorizing their yard. 

Stacey and Bill Bain have lived in their home in the City of Jonestown for more than two decades. 

“We enjoy the nature, and we enjoy the peace and quiet and we enjoy our yard,” said Stacey Bain. 

Five acres of nature and it’s perfect, Stacey Bain says, except for the hogs.  

"[The hogs are] venturing into the flower beds, the sprinklers, everything,” Bain said.

Everything, and everywhere -- including Stacey Bain’s beloved garden. 

“Last weekend I was gardening, and I’ve never cried while I was gardening, but I was just sad to think some of my plants and things were ruined, and uprooted,” she said. 

“Uprooted” by ten or more hogs. Living in the country, the Bains aren’t strangers to dealing with the exotic livestock. But over the past two months, they say things have gotten out of control, as evidenced by their yard. 

“They say they like grubs, but I can’t be the only one in the neighborhood with grubs that they like,” Bain laughed. 

Aside from hunting, the Bains say they tried just about everything.

 “We live in the city limits, I’m an avid hunter but I’m not allowed to shoot here,” said Bain. 

Bain says she’s unsuccessfully tried mothballs, a trash can, a “whirlygig thing,” and is gearing up to give human hair a shake. 

For now, the Bains' sole hope lies in trapping, but so far, they haven’t had much luck with it. 

The hogs, however, have had pretty good luck, regularly making off with the bait: sour corn and watermelon. 

“We’re hopeful that we’re gonna be able to get some of them,” Bain said.  

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