Josh Landon expertly fights off potential news photobomber

Tuesday morning, I-75 was shut down in Detroit after a tanker flipped. As FOX 2 reporter Josh Landon was reporting live, someone decided to try and be funny and interrupt the live shot. He picked the wrong Detroiter.

Josh was reporting on the tanker crash near I-75 at Gratiot. He was on the side of the road, overlooking the crash. He had just finished his report and was about to wrap it up.

That's when someone came up from behind the camera and tried to reach around the front and flip the bird. 

But Josh was too quick. Without missing a beat, he went from talking about traffic to seeing the man come up - he blocked him and said 'get out of here man, sorry about that'. Then he went right back to his report.

The man was trying to flip off the camera but Josh's quick actions stopped him. Check out Josh's message for anyone considering something like this: