Kangaroo joey struggles to get into mother's pouch at San Antonio Zoo

An adorable video from the San Antonio Zoo is being kicked around the Internet. 

The short clip was filmed by the San Antonio Zoological Society and released on Friday, March 25. 

It shows a six-month-old kangaroo Joey at the Texas zoo struggling to get back into his mother’s pouch before eventually succeeding on the fourth attempt. Red kangaroo joeys leave their mother’s pouch for good at around eight months, according to National Geographic.

The adorable joey, named Poseidon, was born to parents Pearl and Rocky, according to the zoo. Poseidon's exact age could not be determined due to the species’ small size at birth, the zoo told KSAT.

"The reason we aren’t totally sure of his exact age is that they’re actually born after about a month of gestation! They are about the size of a jelly bean when born, so they’re very easy to miss while crawling into the pouch," the SA Zoo said in a statement.

Guests can visit Poseidon in Kangaroo Krossing, along with his mother and all the other roos. Poseidon’s father Rocky was brought in from another facility to breed with the kangaroos but has since returned to his former home.

You can learn more about the roos at the zoo’s website here.

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