Kayaker hospitalized after lightning strike in Florida

A 31-year-old Florida woman was indirectly struck by lightning while kayaking in Ormond Beach on Saturday.

Flagler County Fire Chief Don Petito said the victim was standing in a shallow area of the Intracoastal Saturday night when a bolt of lightning struck nearby. She was injured by the electric shock. He said paramedics found her alert and conscious.  The victim's wife reported the strike in a 911 call. 

"I felt the shock myself, and I turned around, and she was on the ground," the woman told the 911 dispatcher.

The women had just gotten off the kayak and were standing in the water when storms blew in, with lightning everywhere.  Some nearby boaters heard their cries and brought the women to the boat ramp near the Knox Bridge.  Emergency crews then transported the woman to the hospital.  

The woman is expected to be ok.