Killeen ISD approves 6% pay increase for all district employees

Killeen ISD says it's prioritizing the classroom teacher by passing a compensation plan that includes pay increases, higher starting salaries and increased teacher stipends.

The Killeen ISD Board of Trustees recently approved the 2023 compensation plan, which included an eight percent pay increase for all Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) appraised educators and a six percent increase for all other district employees.

New teachers starting with Killeen ISD will have a base salary of $56,160 under the new plan, and can start at $57,335 with a masters and $59,090 with a masters and doctorate.

Select stipends are also increasing for the 2022-2023 school year including the Bilingual teacher to $7,500 and the Special Education self-contained teacher stipend to $5,000. The plan also included a new $2,000 stipend to help offset relocation costs for teachers moving to the district.

Killeen ISD also says that it is one of the few school districts in the area offering longevity pay for professional and auxiliary employees who complete five cumulative years with the district.

Killeen ISD also says that former employees can also return to the district and receive credit for their previous years of service, thus helping the district retain and recruit tenured employees.  

For example, if a high school math teacher left KISD after six years and returns after two years in another district to teach, they will earn $69,560 if they move inside the district boundaries under the new compensation plan.

Killeen ISD also offers free professional development to provide effective and engaging learning opportunities leading to increased student achievement.

To view the approved compensation plan and new teacher pay scale for 2022-23, click here.