Kyle police arrest Houston man for attempted kidnapping of 15-year-old girl

Kyle police say a Houston man was arrested for trying to kidnap a 15-year-old girl.

Investigators say they got a call on Wednesday, October 11, around 10:24 p.m. about a suspicious man trying to get a 15-year-old girl into his vehicle in the 200 block of Waterloo Drive.

Police say the man followed as the girl ran to a nearby house for help. The homeowner took the teen inside, locked the door and called 911.

Police say the man tried to get inside the house, without success, before leaving the area.

When police arrived, the homeowner and victim were able to give police an accurate description and Ring doorbell footage of the man and his vehicle.

38-year-old Jerome Ivery, of Houston, has been charged with Attempted Kidnapping, Attempted Burglary, Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle and Resisting Arrest. (Kyle Police Department)


Using this information, Kyle police tracked down the vehicle and the suspect in the immediate area. It turned out that the vehicle had been reported stolen out of Houston.

38-year-old Jerome Ivery, of Houston, was arrested and charged with Attempted Kidnapping, Attempted Burglary, Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle and Resisting Arrest.

"We are incredibly proud of the bravery shown by this young girl in the face of danger. The swift action taken by both her and the resident who provided her safety is admirable and commendable," said Dr. Jeff Barnett, Kyle Chief of Police. "Our Kyle Police Officers responded quickly, took decisive action and were able to swiftly apprehend this potentially dangerous suspect. I want to thank our officers, and everyone involved in the incident for their action in preventing further harm."

Neighbors react

"There are so many things going on now where people don't feel safe in their neighborhood," said Jason Abram, who lives in the neighborhood. "We have some people that wait in the morning for their kids to get on the bus, like I know some people take turns to watch for all the kids to get on the bus because they don't feel safe."

Neighbors say their neighborhood is normally a quiet one with lots of families. They were shocked to hear an attempted kidnapping happened so close to home.

"More of an eye-opener for sure on being aware of your surroundings, staying vigilant, being sure that even if someone is around, there's a way you can protect yourself," said Madaline Sandoval, another neighbor.

The incident is putting neighbors on high alert.

"Even if they're not my kids, I just have that natural instinct when a kid is around," said Sandoval. "I try to keep my eye on them."

"It is not the same town I grew up in," Abram said. "It's much worse now than when I grew up, and it's scary."