Kyle business recovering after fire destroys all its inventory

A business in Kyle is recovering after a fire destroyed almost all of its inventory last week.

Charred and burnt items are all that is left behind Damon Fogley’s business, Uncharted Adventures.

"It is somewhat heartbreaking to see a business that you put so much effort into and so much money into to just kind of go up in flames so quickly," said Damon Fogley, Owner Of Uncharted Adventures.

In 2019, Fogley says he opened Uncharted Adventures. It's a spot that has become so popular, he plans to open another location in San Antonio.

"We have an escape room, we have splatter paint, we have axe throwing, we have like a zombie jelly ball and airsoft shooting experience, but our rage room is the most popular activity," he said.

The rage room is a spot where people come to break various items like printers, monitors and beer bottles all for fun, and all those items used for it were kept outside.

"We had about 25 pallets of breakables, what we call them, that were being stored [in the] back," said Fogley.

Last Wednesday, all those items went up in flames.

"The fire completely engulfed the area in the back, including my truck," said Fogley.

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  (Uncharted Adventures)

Caught on surveillance camera, the fire started out small in the back corner of the lot. Fogley says what started as an accident from their neighbor next door, quickly raged on despite Fogley and his employees' attempt at stopping it.

"Before we knew it, the fire kept spreading and because all these printers are made of plastic, the plastic melted and caught really quickly on to everything else," he said.

The fire was finally put out by firefighters 20 minutes later, but it had already left $60,000 worth of damage in its path. According to Fogley, that was almost all the inventory for the rage room.

Fogley hopes the public can help out his business.

"We go through a thousand items every weekend, right? A continuous supply of inventory can be a challenge if you don't know what you're doing, so we've asked that the community maybe help us with donations for breakables," he said.

Fogley says he has enough inventory for the next two weeks. If you are interested in donating, you can go online or call 512-537-3113 to get a full list of items they need.

He says things like speakers, desktop computers, monitors, printers, desktop telephones will be accepted. TVs that have a glass surface, AC units, anything with a capacitor like a microwave, or anything with a compressor like a mini fridge will not.