Kyle PD searching for those responsible for 'swatting' incident

Around 4 p.m. Kyle Police Captain Pedro Hernandez says the department received a phone call "from an individual who claimed he had injured some family members at a residence on Brazos Lane." Hernandez says the caller also threatened to harm neighbors and first responders. 

Alberto Gutierrez lives on Brazos Lane. He heard "that if [the caller] sees anyone that’s walking down this neighborhood he’ll shoot them." 

The call prompted a response from several law enforcement agencies, most of them part of the Hays County SWAT Team. 

The first responders shut down streets, evacuated those in nearby homes, and told others to shelter in place. Gutierrez says he "couldn’t get in [his] house." 

After the roughly two-hour would-be standoff, Hernandez says officers were able to enter the home. Once inside, they discovered it was empty, they now believe it was all along. "Had somebody been in that residence and our response surprises them, they’re not expecting a law enforcement response, it could have placed that person or our personnel in danger."  

Hernandez says police do not believe those registered to the address are responsible for the call. Police do not know who placed the call or why. He says it could be a dangerous hoax that "drains resources of law enforcement agencies." 



He adds that the fraudulent call was costly, "I couldn’t even begin to tell you a dollar amount." Hernandez also fears the call could have been made for more nefarious reasons, explaining "...there’s been many cases where law enforcement personnel first responders are ambushed in those situations." 

Hernandez and Kyle Police Chief Jeff Barnett said the department trains for these scenarios. They said there have been similar incidents recently but "nothing that’s risen to this level."

They are investigating if they are connected. 

The department is asking anyone with information to come forward. The person or people responsible could face a number of charges and be ordered to pay restitution for not only Wednesday’s law enforcement response but the ongoing investigation.