Kyle Police are investigating a double homicide

Kyle Police are investigating a double homicide.

A relative of the man who lives on the 800 block of South Sledge Street called Kyle Police Thursday night asking them to do a welfare check because he hadn't heard from him.

When police arrived around 8 that night, no one came to the door so they decided to go inside. That's when they found the man's body along with a woman's body. They've been identified as 45-year-old James Wright of Kyle and 44-year-old Tina Combs of Arlington.

Police don't believe they were married. A neighbor says he had noticed the man who he usually sees outside working on his motorcycle had been quiet for the past couple of days.

"Taking my grandma's dog out for a walk, the cars have stayed there. Usually he's out and going with the cars, I hear a lot of noise, the motorcycle. I mean the past 2 days the cars have just been staying still," said Lisandro Deleon.

If anyone has any information on what may have happened to Wright and Combs, call Kyle Police.