Road rage incident: Man allegedly slaps, threatens two teens in Lakeway

A 79-year-old Lakeway man is facing misdemeanor charges after reportedly slapping a 17-year-old driver and threatening his 15-year-old sister in what authorities believe was a road rage altercation. 

On October 3, Mary Pace said Donald Noack stopped his vehicle in front of her children's on Zephyr Drive and Vanguard Street. 

The children told her Noack had previously stopped his vehicle in front of theirs and flipped them off. They believe he was brake checking them. 

"[Noack] got out of the car and my son started to roll down the window to talk to him and apparently he just started like trying to smack him. So, he was rolling up the window, and he continued to yell at them and speak profanities and including spitting at the car," said Pace.

Lakeway Police Sgt. Jason Brown said Noack was charged with assault by contact after hitting the 17-year-old’s face with the back of his hand. He added, "[the slap] didn’t cause any pain or injury." 

Noack was also charged with assault via threat after telling the 15-year-old passenger "well, I’ll come over and hit you in a second you little f—- b—-." 

The 15-year-old recorded the incident. The transcript reads: 

Noack told FOX 7 Austin: "You can’t say anything to anyone anymore. Someone was following me, I guess it was a child. I got out of my car and I told them to get off my a—. If that’s the way the world works today then I guess that’s the way the world works." 

Pace said her 17-year-old denied tailgating Noack. 

"I just don’t think that was a very good example to set, teaching a community person a lesson in that manner. It was inappropriate and just unacceptable," she said. 

Brown said it is best not to engage with unsafe drivers or those demonstrating road rage. He explained, "if it gets to the point where you’re afraid for the safety of yourself or your passengers… pick up the phone, call 9-1-1."