Large patches of bluebonnets emerge across Central Texas

Large patches of bluebonnets started emerging about a week ago. The growing blue blur along Central Texas roadways is a sign that spring has arrived. The flowers are already attracting visitors to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

Mary Kay Stuvland, who is visiting from California, was taking pictures and agreed the visit is a bucket list trip.

FOX 7 got an early bluebonnet bloom report from Director of Horticulture Andrea DeLong Amaya.

"I would say it's going to be an average medium year. It's not going to be a spectacular, as saw a couple of years ago, but it's not the worst we've ever seen either," she said.

The flowers had to push through some dry soil because of drought conditions, but not everywhere. 

"Some of the areas where we got a little bit of rain, like in Central Texas, that really helped boost plants over there. So I think in those areas in Central Texas, we'll see a better show that we will say extreme west Texas and some of the other places that are in a lot of drought," said DeLong Amaya.

There are several traditional hot spots for bluebonnets. Notable locations include Ennis, near the metroplex. Hwy 290 between Brenham and Chappel Hill in Washington County. Along with big clusters west of Austin, like around Burnet, Llano, and even as far as the Big Bend.

For many communities, bluebonnets make a lot of money. That's especially true in Llano, where a number of special events are taking place at the same time of the bloom.

"So around the Llano area where it's so heavy, I would say anywhere from, you know, $2.4 million, probably that's infused into our local economy," said Tony Guidroz, the community development director for Llano.

The town is part of a popular route that includes the Willow City Loop, and Baby Head Cemetery, both are along Hwy 16. The tourism flower power, according to Guidroz, usually runs from March until June.

"They don't just come once in the season, they just come over and over and over because they always see something different when they're in Llano."

When taking a trip to see the bluebonnets, there are two big rules remember. The first is to respect private property, and the second is to be mindful of snakes.

Below is a list of Llano events:

Texas spring wildflowers to shine bright despite winter storm

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