Law enforcement officers unite to honor fallen deputy

At the moment the funeral began in Houston for Deputy Darren Goforth, emergency responders across the state turned on their red and blue lights.  The symbolic gesture was for all of those who wear the badge.

The lights went on at 11 o'clock. At the state capitol, DPS and local patrol cars circled the north entrance.  As the officers stood quietly a large group of people gathered nearby to stand with them.

Nine-year-old Rebecca Henderson and her mother, Jennifer, made a banner in their San Antonio home. Delivering it in person was important.

"We very much know the meaning of sacrifice. We are a military family ourselves, and so we know what it’s like to be, sacrifice, and stand up for what really matters. And we want to show our support for the commitment and dedication of the police officers,” said Jennifer Henderson.

The lights flashed for one minute. A brief but what many here hope will be a lasting symbolic statement of unity.

"It’s an honor and a privilege for us to be here today, and the Governor, Lt. Governor and Speaker allowing us to be here today and we appreciate their support and all the public support,” said DPS Commander Jose Ortiz.

At the same moment law enforcement these lights were on- officers from other communities across the state also took part. In Dallas, red and blue lights flashed from the gateway - Margaret Hunt-Hill Bridge. They also flashed in small towns like manor -- where first responders lined Hwy 290.  And in Cedar Park, local resident Sharon Bell was moved to tears.

"They have come under attack and its well within the means of every citizen to do this, I just wanted to make a statement,” said Bell.

Governor Greg Abbott spent the past several days on social media promoting the back the blue effort. The idea originally was only to honor the memory of Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth- but it grew.

"Respect and pride in our law enforcement must be restored in this state and nation," said Governor Abbott in a statement made earlier this week.