Liberty Hill restaurant dealing with damage following winter storms

A Liberty Hill restaurant is dealing with significant damage following the recent winter storm including a caved-in ceiling, busted pipes, and water damage.

"We’ve pretty much been shut down ever since," said Shane Kirkendall one of the owners of Margaritas restaurant. The restaurant took a beating. "I’m sure it’s approaching $100,000 worth of lost business, damage and things like that," said Kirkendall.

Kirkendall said they were inside the restaurant when the ceiling caved in, their phones capturing the water pouring into the kitchen. "The water was gushing out and had we not been here it would have been 10 times that," said Kirkendall.


Most of the damage in Margaritas is in the kitchen area and in order to get back to work a lot needs to get fixed. It's here where Kirkendall tells FOX 7 Austin they ran into a different problem.

"Getting help, contractors, and supplies and time to get everything done has been an issue. We’ve been doing a lot of it ourselves just to try and get it cleaned up and mitigate any damage," said Kirkendall.

While Kirkendall says their customers have been eager to lend a hand, they seem to finally have a handle on the situation. "We’ve had lots of people volunteer to come help but the problem is trying to get the supplies to get it done," he said.


Kirkendall said by Tuesday they were finally able to get the supplies they needed to help put the restaurant back together. He says he's grateful for everyone who has helped them during this trying time.

While it will still take some time for repairs to be done. They are hoping to have the restaurant in a position to partially open this Friday.