Little girl dances with ill grandfather to 'Beauty and the Beast' in heartwarming viral video

In a tale as old as time, a little girl and her ailing grandfather danced in a video that's bringing the internet to tears. 

After watching the Disney classic 'Beauty and the Beast' Paisley really wanted to take her 'paw paw' to a ball. So she put on an extra magical light-up princess dress, with a little help from dad, she lovingly held her grandpa's hand and danced in the living room. 

According to the viral Facebook post, Mr. Evans, 66, suffers from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia.

He struggles to get around and often needs assistance from his family.

So when Dean Evan's daughter asked to dance with her grandpa it was a no brainier. Carefully supporting his father, the heart melting duo danced and danced and danced. 

In true Disney form, tears and all, it was happily ever after.