Local creeks overflowing onto roads

The constant rain has been making the roads dangerous, especially when some local creeks are overflowing.

FOX 7 captured one water rescue and spoke with a driver who was stuck in the floodwaters. A quick decision left him stranded on the side of the road.

"I was just driving home from work and it was raining really hard. I saw the puddle but it didn't look like it was that much. I was in the far lane and I tried to go across but when I went through, it just sucked the water up in the engine," says Eric Davis.

Waller Creek was spilling over Koenig Lane at Middle Fiskville Road around 3 p.m. on August 16. Authorities were out there directing traffic and only allowing drivers on the outside lane. This was after Davis got stuck.

"I didn't think that it would be washing away or anything like that. I thought it was okay but I was just concerned about getting hit by another car because it was raining really hard," says Davis.

Davis wasn't the only one needing help.

Austin Fire Department had to push a car through the floodwaters. In that case, the driver was able to continue on their way.

Over on 45th and Avenue G, witnesses say Waller Creek rose quickly. It swept large logs and tons of debris along with it.

"My husband texted me a photo about ten minutes ago and the water was right over the road. I wanted to check it out and see whether it was still rising or receding yet," says Dina Childs.

Shoal Creek at 9th and Lamar is constantly an area of concern. The City of Austin put out a warning stressing the potential danger for flooding, Several businesses, such as Shoal Creek Saloon, have been impacted in the past.

With more rain expected, many people are taking precautions.

"Usually when it floods, we try to stay home. It's just the safest place for us," says Childs.