Local rally on gun safety legislation

Democrats say gun violence can no longer be ignored. In response, a National Day of Action for Gun Safety was held Wednesday. This action has been fueled by the recent Orlando shooting.

Dozens of local Democrats met up near the Capitol, hoping their ideas can help stop tragedies like that from happening. The fight against gun violence is not done yet. "There hasn't been any change in 23 years. We just keep losing more and more and more lives," says Susan Nelson, survivor.

It was 23 years ago when Susan Nelson almost lost her own life.

This was after being shot in the head during a home robbery. She along with dozens of others are speaking out. They joined together on this National Day of Action to take on gun safety.

"It's not okay for people with mental illness to have a gun. It's not okay for there not to be background checks all across the board. It's not okay for people to not know how to take care of their gun, keep it safe," says Nelson.

This event comes after Democrats in Congress led a 25 hour sit in last week. 

What they were fighting for then is what they will continue to fight for.

"If you're too dangerous to fly, you should not be able to get an assault weapon. The second one is, background checks. It is outrageous that you can go out to one of these advertised gun shows right up the highway and get a gun without the type of check that is supposed to apply if you go down to other gun shops and buy one there," says Congressman Lloyd Doggett, Texas (D).

They would also like Congress to allow the Centers for Disease Control to study gun violence as a public health issue. Congressman Lloyd Doggett led the event in Austin on Wednesday. He doesn't know when things will change but says it will eventually happen.

"We need to engage gun owners, people that think they're part of the gun culture, even some of the members of the NRA to join with us in a bi-partisan effort. The shooter at the Pulse or the theater in Colorado, they weren't picking Democrats or Republicans. They were shooting anybody in sight," says Doggett.

Doggett says this is about repairing broken hearts, about forgiveness and public policy.

There was at least one person at the event who was opposed.

"There's no law that's going to prevent what's been happening. I don't think it's getting to the root cause," says James Claike, NRA member.

Lone Star Gun Rights also sent FOX 7 a statement saying:

"The Second Amendment was written to protect ourselves from individuals and government bodies who wish to impose their will on us. Sounds to us like the Democrats are trying to do just that. Regarding the sit in, Democrats in Washington can waste all of the time they want on Capitol Hill, we'll continue to work with legislators in Texas to make sure their efforts are meaningless."
The House will return in July from their break.