Local rescue group says dog was euthanized and survived

A local rescue group says a dog they rescued is alive after being given euthanasia drugs.

Now they are looking to find him a forever home. 

Valor is a heeler-mix and around three years old. Lorrie Anding with "Cuz I Matter" Animal Rescue, out of Pflugerville, says a shelter volunteer along with an Animal Control Officer from another city reached out to her regarding Valor.

She says they told her the dog had been given euthanasia drugs and dumped, then somehow woke up. Valor was then reportedly found wandering the streets by the Animal Control Officer. They believe this happened about three weeks ago. When Anding found out, she drove several hours to pick Valor up.

Then, set him up with a foster. Valor is still struggling to recover and is now partially blind. He's also understandably shaken from all he's endured.

"I feel like anybody who adopts him, they're the lucky ones. Just from what I've seen in him opening up, he's going to be a fantastic dog. I would love somebody who has other dogs that love to play, he loves to play and snuggle with other dogs," says Kathryn Lippert, Valor's foster. 

Valor's case is unusual but "Cuz I Matter" says what's not unusual, is the number of dogs euthanized every day. Austin is a no-kill city but that's not the case throughout Texas. They hope Valor's story will inspire more people to foster and adopt.

If you're interested in adopting Valor or any other dog, click here: http://www.cuzimatter.org/.