Lt. Governor-elect says passing conservative budget is "top priority"

Lt. Governor-elect Dan Patrick laid out his plans for the next legislative session Thursday.

His first priority is to pass a conservative budget including significant funding for property and business tax cuts.

Patrick also said Texas will need to spend more money on border security than ever before.

The Lt. Governor-elect says he'll push to scrap a 2001 Texas law offering in-state university tuition to the children of people who came to the U.S. illegally.

He also called out colleges and universities in Texas to make education more affordable.

"Since we deregulated tuition more than a decade ago, it simply has been a failure. Tuition has skyrocketed and quickly middle class families can't even afford to send their child to school. Too many students are graduating with too much debt. To get out of school, there is higher than they can even earn in their first job. We have to reduce the burden on families and students," he said.

Patrick also pledged to drop funding for the state Public Integrity Unit, which investigates wrongdoing by elected officials.

Outgoing Governor Rick Perry was indicted on abuse of power for publicly threatening, then vetoing funding for the unit after Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg was arrested and convicted of drunk driving.