Magen Fieramusca pleads guilty to murder of Austin mother Heidi Broussard

Magen Fieramusca, the woman accused of murdering Austin mother Heidi Broussard and kidnapping her baby in 2019, has pled guilty.

Fieramusca, 37, was sentenced to 55 years in prison and as part of the plea, she has waived her right to appeal, says the Travis County District Attorney's Office.

Her capital murder charge was reduced to first-degree murder as part of the plea deal, as well.

"We are hopeful that this outcome will bring some closure to the Broussard and Carey families and help them continue their healing process," said DA José Garza.  "This outcome will save the families from having to endure the difficult post-conviction litigation process. We are grateful to our prosecutors and law enforcement partners who worked tirelessly on this case and secured justice for the victim’s families and our community." 


Fieramusca and her longtime friend, 33-year-old Heidi Broussard, appeared to be pregnant at the same time. Though authorities have not confirmed if Fieramusca ever was. Investigators listed her motive for kidnapping and murder as "maternal desire."

Addressing the court Thursday, Heidi Broussard’s mother Tammy Broussard said, "She’s forever strong in the midst of all the people’s lives she touched. And she’ll live on forever." 

"This is something I never imagined in my whole life, me and my husband," she added. "She was just so much fun and so full of life, and now it’s been taken from her." 

According to Austin police, Fieramusca visited Broussard and her 3-week-old daughter, Margo, at their South Austin apartment and strangled Broussard with a dog leash. She placed Broussard’s body in the trunk of her car and drove to her ex-boyfriend’s Houston-area home where she attempted to pass Margo off as their daughter. 

"I think it is difficult, if not impossible to find justice and any sort of resolution to this horrendous crime. Ms. Fieramusca, the fact is that by your actions you have deprived an innocent child, an innocent baby, the opportunity of growing up with her mother next to her," said Judge Selena Alvarenga. 

"You have destroyed an entire family. And no matter what the sentence, no matter how long, no matter how harsh, nothing can change that, nothing can make this family whole again," Judge Alvarenga added.

The plea deal comes after a motion to suppress evidence was filed. Attorneys raised questions whether evidence collected during a search of Fieramusca’s boyfriend's house was admissible. A warrant was not signed for more than eight hours after officers entered the home and began their search. During that search, officers located Margo, unharmed, and Broussard’s body. 

"Heidi's hugs were strong, full of love. They lingered in the atmosphere. I still feel them now. She loved beyond measure, and she never gave up on anywhere. When I think of her, which is every moment, in everything I do, I ask what would Heidi do? It gives me comfort," said Tammy Broussard.