Community organizes search for missing Austin mother, baby

Local, state and federal authorities continue to search for a missing woman and newborn baby last seen in South Austin and, now, the community is organizing a search party of their own. 

33-year-old Heidi Broussard and three-week-old Margo Carey haven't been seen or heard from since December 12. 

Heidi Broussard and her daughter vanished from their home near West William Cannon and South First Street in Austin after Broussard dropped her son off at Cowan Elementary School on Thursday, December 12. Authorities believe both mother and baby returned to their residence before they went missing, but Broussard's car and her and her daughter's belongings were all still at the residence when Broussard's fiance, Shane Carey, discovered them missing and alerted police.

Just one week ago at Waterloo Ice House in Southpark Meadows, Broussard and her then two-week-old baby Margo sat at a table. The very next day, they vanished. 

Now fliers with their pictures line the windows at Waterloo. Soon those same fliers will be posted around South Austin. A group of community members will conduct a search of the area around Heidi’s apartment, the last location police believe she visited. 
Sarra, who is organizing the search, knows the complex well. 

“The first apartment complex I was in after I moved out of my house,” Sarra said. 

When she found out there was no official search party set up, Sarra decided to create one. 

“I thought I can make a little contribution and the response has just been overwhelming and I shouldn't be surprised. I mean, we live in a wonderful community,” said Sarra.  

She called the pastor at Gateway Church South to ask if he was comfortable with the church serving as a sort of home base for volunteers. 

“He immediately was like, ‘yes.’ He didn't even think, so that was really amazing,” Sarra said.   

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There are currently no persons of interest in this case, according to APD.

Sarra created a  Facebook group to organize two search parties this weekend. There will be a search party for Broussard and her baby on Saturday, December 21 at 9 a.m. and Sunday, December 22 at 1 p.m. The search parties are meeting at Gateway Church, at 6800 West Gate Blvd in Austin, Texas.

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The group is asking those who are interested in participating to remember the following:

  • Please do not bring your children
  • Please be at least 18 years old - please know that this could be life-changing for an adult.  We need to protect our children.  
  • Please do not search alone - we will be separated into teams for multiple reasons: there's safety in numbers and for overall support. 
  • Join this search party at your own risk - it is your responsibility to make sure you are safe and stay healthy before, during and after.  Please consider this before you decide to join us. 

Organizers are also reminding participants that if they see or find something, to not touch it. 

“One of the most important things I can say is, in a situation like this, it can be life-changing depending on what happens,” Sarra said.   

A counselor has even volunteered to debrief volunteers who need it. Waterloo will provide breakfast Saturday morning. Meanwhile, Sarra is staying optimistic that Saturday will bring the Broussards the happy ending they're hoping for. 

“I just really hope that we bring her home to her family and friends,” she said.  

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Authorities have been tight-lipped on the details of the "ongoing investigation" but did say that the FBI has teamed up with the police department to aid in the search. Authorities are asking the community to call the police if they have any information that could lead to finding Broussard and her daughter.

Broussard is 5 feet, 3 inches tall and weighs 150 pounds. She has long, dark brown hair with highlights.

Margo is a three-week-old who weighs 7 pounds, 7 ounces. She is 22 inches long.

Police are asking that any tips regarding Heidi and Margo's case be called into them at 512-974-5250, not posted on social media.