Man accused of raping homeless woman in North-East Austin group home

An Austin man is accused of raping a homeless woman in a group home in north-east Austin.

57-year-old James Smiley is charged with aggravated sexual assault.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by FOX-7 Austin; the victim said Smiley locked her belongings in a cabinet and felt that he would kill her if she did not go along with the situation.

Exclusive video from FOX 7 Austin showed the moments the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force arrested James Smiley Friday.

According to an arrest affidavit; the 57-year-old is accused of holding a homeless woman in a group home and continuously sexually assaulted her. The documents show the victim met Smiley in an ally way before he took her back to a house.

The victim said she smoked meth with Smiley earlier and wasn't sure how she ended up there. Once they arrived, the victim said Smiley gave her a shower and locked her belongings including her cell phone in a cabinet.

According to the victim, Smiley then forced himself on her several times. The victim said she screamed for help but was told if she was to scream again he would strangle her. The victim reportedly thought he would kill her if she did not go along with it.

Court documents go on to say the victim was told she was free to leave anytime but when she would try she would be forced back into her room. Eventually the victim was able to get into the locked cabinet with her phone through a back panel which was falling off.

There she was able to text a friend out of state with her location who later contacted APD.

The manager of the group home said she didn't know this was going on. Later she contacted authorities after she let Smiley's wife use her phone to call Smiley. There she overheard them talking about officers being in the area and how she "the wife" didn't tell them anything.

James Smiley is charged with aggravated sexual assault; his bond is set at $100,000.