Man repeatedly slams car into vehicle carrying a family of 5 in north Austin: documents

A man rammed his car into another car carrying a family of five before driving away and crashing into a utility pole in north Austin, according to an arrest affidavit.

On Monday, at approximately 8:15 a.m., officers with AFD and APD responded to a vehicle collision at 9515 Burnet Road.

The caller said that the driver of a white Honda rear-ended a blue Honda. The driver of the white Honda continued to aggressively ram into the blue Honda before driving off, crashing into a utility pole up the street.

An officer saw the driver, identified as 34-year-old Carl Pearson, walk away from the pole he had just collided with. The officer got out of her vehicle and told Pearson to stop walking away. He turned around, saw the officer, and turned back around and continued to walk rapidly away from her. 

The officer deployed a taser on Pearson after he failed to comply with her orders, which was ineffective. Pearson then threw his phone on the ground, stepped toward the officer, and lay down on the ground.


Pearson refused to comply with the officer's orders to turn on his stomach.

Another officer arrived on the scene, and the two officers together were able to turn Pearson on his stomach and detain him with handcuffs.

A witness told the officers that he saw Pearson's car collide with the blue Honda. The witness said that Pearson exited his car and began to scream and yell at the driver of the blue Honda before getting back in his car and ramming into the blue Honda. The witness said that it was as if Pearson wanted to push the blue Honda off the road.

The witness said that Pearson almost hit a school bus when he drove off.

A mother and her four children were in the blue Honda. All five passengers reported injuries.

Carl Pearson mug shot (Austin Police Department)

Pearson was charged with Accident Involving Injury and Evading Arrest. He was booked in the Travis County Jail.