Man devastated after pet parrot he's had for 37 years stolen

"He's just like a part of me," said Keith Wirsing.

For almost four decades, the most constant thing in Wirsing's life has been this double yellow Amazon parrot named Verdi.

 "My wife and I divorced in 1990 and Verdi is still with me," Wirsing said. I met other girls and had relationships they're gone, but I still had Verdi."

Even though relationships came and went, Wirsing didn't have to worry about being alone because Verdi would always be by his side.

"Verdi and I were going to finish this life," said Wirsing.

But all of that changed last Sunday in the parking lot of this Walmart at 150 West Eldorado.

Like usual, Verdi was at Wirsing's side. They go everywhere together.

He even has a remote lock and expensive alarm so he can keep the van running for Verdi.

He says he was only on the store for about 20 minutes.

"When I came out my alarm was off my engine was not running like it should have been and Verdi was gone," Wirsing said.

HPD is now investigating and says two people are behind the theft and they appear to be driving a gray-colored sedan.

Wirsing says his A+ Painting Company van is recognizable and a lot of people know about Verdi.

"I am so hoping someone will bring him back to me," Wirsing said. "He's going to live for like another 35 years and for somebody who just wants some sort of token pet or a cool talking bird and locks him in a cage and feeds him seeds and water for the next 35 years it would be like putting him in prison."