Man stabbed, beaten to death in Cedar Creek

In a house just off Shiloh Road in Cedar Creek is where the attack happened early Friday morning. 

Bastrop County deputies found Phillip Przybylak beaten and stabbed to death, and according to Sheriff Maurice Cook, the victim’s roommate Blake Vetter was later taken into custody. A family member had called 911.

“It appears they were friends, up to this point, of course you don’t want friends like this, but nevertheless, our indications are, they are roommates and they were friends,” said Cook.

Investigators say the owner of the house where the attack happened rents it out to several different people. Neighbors like Mike Mosley said the property is somewhat of a communal compound.

“I heard things, they’re a little screwy back in there,” Mosley said. “He takes in some homeless people I believe, but it’s close to home, I’m a little worried now, but I can take care of myself.”

Vetter was taken to the Bastrop County jail and charged with Przybylak’s murder. A court date has not yet been set for Vetter. 

A grand jury review is not expected to take place until next month, if not later. That will give investigators more time to go through the blizzard details involving his incident.

According to court documents released Wednesday afternoon, Vetter allegedly confessed saying he hit his roommate with a rock and tried to suffocate him by putting a cloth in his mouth. He also allegedly stabbed Przybylak with two kitchen knives, breaking one, and tried to cut off his head with a third knife.

“He has told us why he did it, but we are examining the truth of that,” Cook said.

Vetter allegedly told investigators he got upset because Przybylak was snoring as he slept on a couch.

“Was someone taking drugs, was someone using drugs? It was not a drug deal gone bad,” Cook said. 
A blood test, according to Cook, will determine if Vetter was on drugs at the time. 

When the case eventually goes to court, deputies are expected to testify that as they took Vetter into custody he allegedly expressed concern for his roommate. 

Vetter is noted saying “ there is no way he survived that” after he described the attack to the deputies.