Map shows 'unusually elevated' levels of flu-like illness in Florida

Thermometer company Kinsa is tracking real-time reporting of flu-like symptoms across the country and Florida appears to be worse off than the rest of the country.

According to Kinsa’s map, the majority of Florida has a 3% higher prevalence of “unusually elevated prevalence of flu-like symptoms.”

Kinsa said it is not measuring COVID-19 infections -- or flu infections, for that matter. However, Kinsa pointed out one of the main symptoms reported to be associated with the novel coronavirus disease is a high fever.

“There are a number of possible causes, all of which may be contributing to elevations in reported illness levels,” Kinsa’s website said.

“That said, since March 1 we’ve seen a very strong correlation between cumulative atypical illness incidence and positive COVID-19 tests…which suggests that our data provides a useful indication of where COVID-19 may likely be occurring,” the website stated.

Read more about how Kinsa, a California-based company, collects and uses data collected by digital thermometers to analyze and predict illnesses:


This is not a map of COVID-19 infections. "This map shows regions where Kinsa has detected unusually high levels of illness." ~Kinsa