Marchers in Austin call for impeachment of President Trump

Hundreds of anti-Trump protesters gathered in front of the Capitol Sunday morning to deliver a strong message to the president. 

The crowd shouted chants and carried signs with message such as "Be Kind Not Racist," "Not my president" and "Bridges Not Walls."

Many protesters said President Trump was violating the constitution and said they want him out of office.

Anti-Trump protester Beth Hyde said she’s asking for congress to step in and impeach the president.

"He's broken the law. He is in bed with the Russia. I feel like he needs to go," Hyde said.

Military veteran Zack Hail said the Trump administration let him down.

"There's nothing that I can say that he’s done that I can give him credit for,” Hail said. "Everything he said he keeps on flip-flopping on and this is a nation where we got to be solid on our words. We have to be solid with other countries and this guy obviously has no experience."

Protesters are asking for congress to check the president and the moves he's made since taking office and eventually follow impeachment proceedings.

"Everything that he claimed that Hilary did he has done it about 10 to 20 times worst. We need Trump out. We don't want you Trump," Hail said.

Pro-Trump supporters also attended the rally and faced off with anti-Trump supports. Austin Police along with state troopers came out to monitor and patrol the rally to ensure the demonstrations remained peaceful and safe.

Pro-Trump supporter who did not want to be named said kicking Trump out of the White House won't solve any problems.

"Trump is doing the best he can in what he's been given. Impeaching Trump is what their wanting and it won't solve as much as they think."