Marshawn Lynch is bud tender on 4/20 to lift up 'as many people as he can'

Former NFL player and Oakland native Marshawn Lynch took part in a one-of-a-kind 420 event in the South Bay on Tuesday.    

He was a guest bud tender at San Jose's Airfield Supply Company.

The dispensary launched Lynch's cannabis brand  "Dodi Blunts." 

Lynch says he invested in the cannabis industry because he wants to lift up as many people as he can.

"Marshawn's focus on community, his desire to just make the world a better place, and make the Bay Area a better place is something that has really has synced for us," said Chris Lane of Airfield Supply. "From the beginning of this idea, the statements from Marshawn have always been, 'How do we do this in the best way? How do we get it to the most people? How do we make sure people have access to it?"

Lynch's new cannabis brand also launched at more than 20 other select dispensaries around the Bay Area. 

Since hanging up his cleats following the 2019 season, the 34-year-old Lynch has stayed entrenched in his native Oakland, California, community through his Fam 1st Family Foundation, which has spearheaded several educational and philanthropic initiatives to assist residents.