Martindale city councilwoman attacked by dogs speaks out; city reviews animal control laws

A Martindale city councilmember who was attacked by dogs earlier this month is speaking out.

The council met Monday to review their animal control laws and many residents at the meeting talked about attacks they experienced and voiced their concerns something needs to change

With arms and legs covered in bandages, Mary Paul held her husband's hand as she recalled the moments two dogs attacked her.

"They started biting my arms there was a short one biting my legs and they just kept coming and I was hollering and hollering, ‘someone please help me I’m being eaten alive’,” said Paul as she described the attack.

Paul said she was just on a run, taking the same route she always takes in Martindale when the dogs attacked. She said she will forever be grateful to the man who helped save her.

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“This wonderful man I call him my hero, his name is Marcus,” said Paul.

After spending several days in the hospital and more than 230 stitches later, Paul is back home recovering where even everyday tasks are now difficult to do because of the pain.

“I have to change, well we, it's a group effort to have to change the bandages daily,” said Paul.

Paul is not only a resident of the city but is also a council member. While she was away recovering, the city motioned to hold a meeting to discuss potential changes to their animal control law.

“Imagine if our elderly were out walking which they all do or mothers who have children who are out walking, what would the result of that attack look like,” said Paul.

The meeting Monday turned emotional as residents talked about the current problem with free-roaming dogs. Many people also brought up dog attacks they experienced or witnessed. Right now in Martindale, animals can either be restrained on a leash, held in the hands of the owner, or under audible control of the owner. The previous mayor who helped write the ordinance was at the meeting and voiced that it should be changed.

While Paul is hopeful for change, another concern comes with how their police department will enforce these changes. The city will review what was discussed Monday and will vote on the issue at their next meeting.