Meals on Wheels delivers smiles, love to homebound this Christmas

Christmas is generally seen as a jolly and happy time of year, but for some, it can be just another day. 

“Christmas is always a time of year where absence can be felt a little more especially if you are isolated in one place,” said Andrew Tompkins, Meals on Wheels volunteer. 

Such is the case for some of Austin's seniors and homebound.

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“I can imagine being stuck in your home all day is probably not the most fun thing in the world,” said Tompkins.

That is where Meals on Wheels of Central Texas comes into play. 

The nonprofit rounded up more 150 volunteers this Christmas to hand out meals, and gift bags to those unable to leave their home. But more importantly, they came to hand out smiles.

“It provides that friendly visit, safety check, and companionship. A lot of our clients are homebound and live alone. Sometimes, that's really their only contact with another human being during the day,” said Adam Hauser, president and CEO. 

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“It's nice being able to check in with them and see how they're doing. It’s nice to be able to give them a hand. One time I think I killed a bug for one of them,” said Tompkins.

Meals on Wheels operates year-round. Tompkins volunteers every week, but this time of year where absence is felt a little more, he is hoping he can make a difference, with a simple knock on the door.

“It helps to have someone else come and say hi, remind them of the holidays and let them know they are not being left alone, they are not being forgotten on these days,” said Tompkins.

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“We're not happy here at Meals on Wheels Central Texas if any of our homebound senior neighbors are lonely or hungry really any day of the week, but much less Christmas Day," said Hauser.

If you wish to volunteer with Meals on Wheels Central Texas, check out their online form.