Median added to intersection where Cedric Benson died

A new median is now in place at the intersection where former University of Texas at Austin and NFL star Cedric Benson was killed in a crash.

It happened back in August at the intersection of FM 2222 and Mount Bonnell Road. According to police, Benson was traveling westbound on FM 2222 when he collided with a minivan turning from Mount Bonnell Road. They say the poor visibility on the road was a factor. Benson was riding his motorcycle and both he and his passenger died at the scene.
TxDOT along with the city of Austin worked to install a median on FM 2222 at the Mount Bonnell Road intersection to prevent people from turning left onto FM 2222.

“I'm glad. That it will deter more people from trying to go left because it's so dangerous,” said Holly Thoden who has lived near the intersection for 16 years.

Thoden said it's unfortunate it took a death to finally see some change.

"I think that's a shame honestly but I’m at least glad that it's brought the problem to light and they were pretty quick in fixing it but it did take that tragic accident," said Thoden.

A hill on FM 2222 makes it difficult to see traffic.

“Those people coming over that hill they're coming over so quickly,” said Thoden.

While the median is in place, Thoden said it can still be a dangerous area. She said she makes it a point to teach her kids to avoid it.

“Just as they were learning to drive, I made it a point to never go that way to make that left because I was trying to model better behavior," Thoden said.