Medical marijuana advocates from across state gather to celebrate historic legislative session

NORML or the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws groups from across the state came together for their yearly "Texas March for Marijuana."  The group started with a march down Congress to the state capitol, and then held a rally on the capitol steps. 

Jav Tovias is with Rio Grande NORML, "People come together and it's really a way to connect the citizens with the constituents we've been working with, so it's really bringing the community together across the state."

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NORML groups advocate for the safe access of Cannabis as medicine for those who suffer a range of medical issues. No medical marijuana bills passed this legislative session, but the group said they have something to celebrate. "We celebrating the historic support for HB 2107, it got voted out of this health committee," said Samantha Oser of the Houston NORML.

HB-2107 gained a lot of momentum in the 2017 legislative session going from three authors to 77. 

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"We've been watching the changes each session we get more, more representatives and support bills like these, this session it is historic. More than half, more than half of the representatives got behind this bill. So if it came to the floor it would've been an immediate pass," said Tovias. Oser added, "If the paperwork for 2107 hadn't gotten backlogged or lost between committees, it probably would've already been voted out of the house by now."

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Even though the next session is now nearly 2 years away, the group said it will continue to fight for the cannabis legalization campaign. "Hopefully the support will grow and we've already seen who is behind us this year and we will keep talking to our representatives and we will have more off the bat and we will be able to push the bills through," Tovias said.