Memorial Day weekend celebrations coming to an end

It's been one of the hottest Memorial Day weekends on record and as swimmers and boaters hit the lakes officials are reminding them to practice safety. 

"They're all out there to have a safe experience on Lake Travis." 

Emerald Point Marina was the perfect backdrop for boaters Sunday. The marina located on Lake Travis attracted thousands of lake goers.

General Manager of Emerald Point Marina Kelly Eiras has worked Memorial Day weekend for years and said boaters should always keep safety in mind before heading out.   

"Follow all the rules lake patrol game warden first responders are out there here for our safety and so they're going to be doing checks so be prepared," said Eiras.  

To ensure a safe holiday weekend the Texas Game Wardens were out in full force to help spread awareness for boating safety, and to make sure people enjoy their holiday responsibly.

Patrol officers were also checking boats for proper boating equipment, such as life vests, fully-operable fire extinguishers, and boat registration cards.

Air Force Veteran Mike Fontana was out with his family Sunday, he said before heading out on his boat but he always conducts a safety check. 

"Before we leave out for any cruise we always do a safety check list to ensure we have the right number of life vests for everyone on board," said Fontana. 

Fontana an avid swimmer and boater said he can't stress enough the importance of life vests. 

He said even the most experienced swimmers can drown, and that most of the drownings he's heard about the person wasn't 
wearing a life vest. 

"If you're a good swimmer the water out here is very choppy and with the traffic we had here yesterday we had people jump off the boat into the water with a life vest and even with the vest on the wakes were going over their head,"  said Fontana. 

Eiras said in the case of a water rescue her marina is used as an area for emergency services to launch out of. 

"So if there's a problem on the lake and were the closes they can bring them and help these people as quick as possible. So they can return and have fun," said Eiras. 

Fontana said following the rules in the water will get you home safe. 

"We come out here and always play safe and we always want to go home with our family and our kids and everyone we brought on the boat," said Fontana.