Memorial walk for fallen Central Texas military members

Lisa Morris wears her son's name and picture proudly as she remembers the sacrifice he made for our country while serving in the Army.

"Matthew was killed in 2008 during Operation Iraqi Freedom," Morris said.

Matthew's picture and gear now rests next to more than two dozen Central Texas men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

"They are all from here. from Williamson County, from Cedar Park, from Round Rock, from Austin, from all of the little towns from around here. This is their community," Elise Huddleston, of WILCO Blue Star Mothers, said.

Now their community is honoring its sons and daughters and the many more that have given their life to keep us safe with a 22K walk at Veterans Memorial Park in Cedar Park.

"We all have different feelings and emotions about it. we all know that our children they need to be remembered and appreciated for what they've done," Huddleston, who's son served in the Marines for five years, said.

1,200 flags were laid across the park as a symbol.

"If you times 1,200 by six, that is the number of fallen since 9/11, a little over 7,000."

Although her son is no longer here, his memory and the memory of so many more will never be forgotten.

"Memorial Weekend is an opportunity to be and do what mother's do best, brag about their kids. this weekend is so easy to brag about the child that you've lost because it's memorial weekend and in sharing their stories, they will live forever."