Mike Ramos' girlfriend sues City of Austin for more than $1 million

The girlfriend of Michael Ramos, a man shot by Austin Police in 2020, is suing the City of Austin for more than a million dollars.

In April 2020, someone called 9-1-1 and told the dispatcher two people, presumed to be Ramos and his girlfriend Rebeca Garcia, were parked in a lot at the Rosemont at Oak Valley, an apartment complex in southeast Austin. The caller said the two were smoking crack, cooking meth and the man had a gun.

Police confronted Ramos and Garcia. One officer shot Ramos with a less-lethal munition. Ramos then retreated to his vehicle and attempted to drive away. Garcia got out of the vehicle at that time. Officer Christopher Taylor then fatally opened fire on Ramos. Austin Police say no firearm was recovered on-scene.



Garcia and Ramos had been dating since 2019 and were "inseparable since the day they met," according to Garcia’s attorney Scott Hendler.

"When officers drew their firearms at Mike, they also drew them at Rebeca. Officer Taylor fired the rounds into the vehicle that Rebeca had just exited. In their handling of the situation, Austin police officers and Officer Taylor recklessly and outrageously endangered the lives of two Austin citizens of color, simply sitting in a parking lot." wrote Hendler. "As a result of the officers’ actions, Rebeca has suffered severe emotional distress that continues to impact her everyday life."

A City of Austin Spokesperson said in a statement, "We are aware the case has been filed. We will follow our regular procedure for responses to litigation brought against the city."