Millions stolen from Manor ISD in phishing scam

Over $2 million was stolen from Manor ISD in a phishing email scam in November.

“This is money taken away from the kids, and the school district's funds, taxpayer money. Unfortunately, stuff like this happens all the time, it's just usually not to this magnitude,” said Sgt. Craig Struble with the Manor Police Department.

The Federal Trade Commission defines phishing as a kind of online scam that targets consumers by sending emails that appear to be from a well-known source.

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“They could use a similar email from somebody you know and trust, they learn information that way, maybe change a word or two so you respond with information. It could be a domain,” said Struble.

The phishing happened in November and over the course of three separate transactions. 

“They attack everybody. Manor ISD is going to have a lot of money, that's what makes them a target, versus an individual who they may get a couple of thousand from,” said Struble.

Right now police say they are chasing some leads, and have also called in the FBI to help.

“We have called them in because of the resources they can provide, and the experience they can provide,” said Struble.

Due to the large amount of money stolen from taxpayers, the scam has caught the attention of many including city hall officials.

Mayor Larry Wallace Jr. released a statement that said:

If you know anything about this case, contact the Manor Police Department at 512-272-8177