Missing Brenham teen may be in Austin area: family

A missing teen from Brenham, Texas may be in the Austin area, according to her family.

15-year-old Julise Michelle Martinez was last seen on Wednesday, May 22 in the 500 block of Green Street in Brenham, Texas in Washington County.

Brenham police say that Julise could still be in the local area, or she may have traveled out of Washington County.

Julise's family told FOX 7 that she may be in the Austin area.

Julise Martinez missing poster (Brenham Police Department)

Julise is described as:

  • 15-year-old Hispanic female
  • 5'2"
  • 110 lbs
  • Black hair

Police say she may be with someone harboring her as a runaway.

Julise's mother, Ashley Martinez, says Julise has snuck out before but would be in contact and come back, but not this time.

They tried talking to her friends and going to the house of the boy she's with, but no luck. She said Julise used to post frequently on social media, but not so much anymore.

"Anyone that may be reaching out to her, as far as coming back home or maybe sharing information that she may have shared on her Snapchat or her Instagram, she'll block them. She's just getting further and further into the hole that she's digging," Ashley said. 

Her parents say she was pulled over earlier this week for speeding in the Crestview area of Austin, but they don't know if she's still in Austin or has gone back to Brenham. 

"I believe he has family there or friends. I mean, it could just be, 'get out of town,'" Ashley said. 


She says she wants concrete information, instead of hearing things through friends or social media.

"I need to hear her voice, that she is okay," she said.

She's worried for her daughter.

"It could go left really quickly. It could turn bad. They can have an argument. She could be left on the street. They can run into some bad friends and then just be out of his control. Any number of things can happen," she said. "I was constantly on edge, just hoping for the best and preparing for the worst, but it's really nerve wracking."

She says if you see Julise, "just come at her with good energy, positive energy, rather be, 'turn yourself in.' 'Hey, I'm here if you need someone.' Just make her feel welcome and safe."

Those with information are asked to contact local law enforcement or the Brenham Police Department at 979-337-7337.