Family remembers Bastrop County father last seen in 2014

In this week's "Missing in Texas," we're taking a look at the case of Carl Beall, who has been missing for nearly a decade.

Carl was 30 years old when he disappeared, and would have turned 39 this year.

He was last heard from in January 2014. His last known location was Cedar Creek, Texas. Officials say foul play is suspected.

His daughters, Georgia and Alexis Beall, now 19 and 18, were only 10 and 8 when they last saw their father. 

"We miss him very much. I miss him very much," Alexis said. 

"My son was a good guy. He was wonderful. He loved his daughters. He's good with kids," Carl's mother, Cheryl England, said.

Carl was 30 years old when he disappeared. He was last heard from in January 2014. 

She recalls their last conversation.

"I knew before he went missing that he had said some people were after him. I didn't know the whole situation," she said. "My last words to him were, 'I love you, and just be careful.'"

Georgia remembers her last phone call with him. 

"He didn't sound okay, he didn't sound safe," she said. "It was him kind of saying like, 'I don't know who you are. I don't know who you are.' And I'm like, 'Dad, it's me, Georgia. Like, Hi, Daddy, it's me, Georgia. Hi.' And he's like, uh, he kind of paused, but, you know, when it's your dad's voice, I knew it was him, and I kind of just said, 'okay.' And he hung up."

The Bastrop County Sheriff's Office says several leads have come in over the years, the last one in 2019, but all of them have come up dry. 

"Just destroys me. If I didn't have God and my family, I honestly don't know if I'd be here," Cheryl said. 

Each year, his family releases balloons on his birthday, holding on to the memories, hoping someday, they'll know what happened.

"Been like hell, I see things every now and then. I work in retail. Every now and then I hear, 'mom.' I turn around thinking it's my son, because the voice sounds like him. I'm disappointed, because it's not," Cheryl said.


"Me and my sister need that closure. My sister and I really want a graveside to go to. We want to know for sure, like, is he dead? Because for years, every now and then I'll see someone who looks similar to him, in the back of my head and be like, 'oh, that's not him.' Or every now and then, like, 'damn, I just wish I can go talk to him and conversate with him,'" Georgia said.

Family members say this would be their message to anyone who knows what happened to Carl. 

"Put yourself in my shoes. Would you want to go through hell? Would you want to go through what I'm going through?" Cheryl said. "I forgive you. Just bring my son home. That's all I want. I want him home. And God can tend to you."

"I don't want to know who you are. I don't care to know, my family don't want to know who you are. I would like to know why," Amy Hisbrook, Carl's sister, said. 

"If anyone out there knows anything, please let us know. We want a grave that we can go to and visit. We have nothing. We don't know anything. We haven't known things for years, and it's so hard. Just nobody telling us anything," Alexis said.