Missing remains identified as 16-year-old teen, death ruled a homicide

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Darian Longoria (Photo Credit: MissingDarianLongoria Facebook page)

Human remains found near Onion Creek over the weekend have been identified as 16-year-old Darian Longoria. Longoria’s mother reported him missing December 9th.

Sunday, January 3rd, a father and son were out with a metal detector when they found his remains near Bonneville Bend, just southeast of the airport.

Austin Police Department Lt. Justin Newsom said they have been investigating leads since the remains were found. “We are getting pretty close to having some people who we think are responsible for it,” he said.

Lt. Newsom said sources have told police the people responsible for Longoria's murder, believe he was involved in non-gang related drug robberies and they need the public’s help. “It did involve robbing the stash of other people who had drugs. Our investigation has led us to another group of people who were involved in the robberies and we need to speak with those people,” Lt. Newsom said.

Newsom said there's no reason for the public to fear for their safety. But they hope his mother’s sake that people will come forward with new information. “We do hope that anyone that sees this, that knew Darian, or knew any of his associates, or have any information about the robberies, come forward, cause we need that for his mother, so she can have some peace, what little she can get. No matter what the young man was involved in, he's still a 16-year-old child. His family still deserves closure and he did not deserve to die in the manner that he did.”

APD is not releasing Longoria’s manner of death at this time.