Mobile home stuck on road in Leander

A mobile home remains stuck in the middle of a road in Leander. It's been there for more than a day.

Travis County deputies say there were several problems with the truck that caused the mobile home to land on the side of the road. Zachary Winn ran upon an unusual sight on his Tuesday morning commute to work.

“We were getting on to work and we look down the road where they were originally getting the trailer from. They had gotten it stuck in a ditch there and were trying to get it out,” said Winn.

A moving truck was attempting a move this mobile home, and ended up here, blocking two lanes. 

It gutted part of the road, in the process. “They were dragging the trailer down the road. The tires had fallen off of it. They were messing up the road, making a bunch of noise, and running over mailboxes,” said Winn.

The driver sat in the truck the remote part of Leander overnight with Travis County deputies checking in.

Several neighbors heard the commotion. “…A loud grinding, dragging sound, gnashing of gears and then some loud voices,” said John Sargent, describing what he heard.

Travis County deputies say the company, “Austin Home Movers,” was trying to move the home to a nameless road before ending up here. Deputies performed an inspection and found several things wrong: three of the four axles broke, there were no lights on the rear, and no signal lights.

The driver also had a suspended license, which he was cited for. “They didn't seem that professional with the way they were doing it. I wasn't sure if they knew what they were doing or not,” said Winn.

The same company had a situation last year.

They had the incorrect permit in South Austin, and had to leave another home in the middle of the street.

The owner of Austin Home Movers did not return our call Wednesday.

Residents say they are just glad nobody was hurt, especially coming around this curve.

“My neighbor, he's 88 and he could end up with a vehicle in his bedroom at any time,” said Sargent.
Winn, who says he has done similar jobs in the past, has some advice. “Have better equipment to do it. Have more people with them to kind of watch all angles so nothing like this happens,” said Winn.

Another problem deputies say, is the truck was moving the mobile home after dark, which is prohibited.