'Modern Family' star Julie Bowen, sister revive New Jersey woman who passed out in Utah hike

Minnie John may even be more of a fan of ABC's "Modern Family" after its show's star, Julie Bowen, and her doctor sister, Annie, revived her after she passed out during a hike in Utah.

John said she, her husband and their son recently took a trip to Las Vegas from their home in Oradell, New Jersey. They took a day trip to Arches National Park in Moab, Utah on August 2.

John said during the hike she started to feel dehydrated and dizzy. She sat on a rock while her family continued their hike to a spot for a picture.

She then fainted and fell facedown, hitting her nose. John said she believes her glasses prevented further injury.

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John said she then heard the voices of two women trying to revive her and realized she heard one of them before. 

"And the voice sounded so familiar," John told FOX Television Stations on Sunday. "So even with my eyes closed, I was asking ‘Do I know you?’"

John said the two women laughed but continued bandaging her up and giving her drinks and food. 

John said she then regained her vision and realized one of the women now looked familiar. 

"And I said 'Are you sure I don't know you? I feel like I know you. I've seen you somewhere before. Are you famous?'" she then asked.

It was then the women revealed their identities. 

"So I said ‘You’re so beautiful.' That's all that came out of my mouth," John said when she realized she was talking to the Emmy-winning actress. 

John then asked to take a picture with the sisters, and they complied before continuing on their walk. John believed the women stayed with her for a total of 20 minutes.

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"God just sent them at the right time," she continued. "It was such a blessing because I believe it's God's doing."

"They just took care of me," she added. 

John said she has seen "Modern Family" but often catches repeats at night when her husband leaves the television on. 

John said she will now see Bowen in a different light the next time she watches the show.

"I'll see her a very gentle, loving person," she continued. "And her sister, even more."

John said the past few days have been a whirlwind of calls and interviews after she went public with her story. 

She posted the story and pictures on her Facebook page.

John said she suffered cuts and a small fracture around her nose. She's supposed to get her stitches removed soon.

She does plan to return to Utah in the future.

Representatives for Bowen had no comment when reached by Fox News. 

However, she recently posted an Instagram video of herself on vacation in Moab, Utah enjoying a ride in a pair of offroad vehicles with her kids. 

"Final Moab photo dump!" she captioned the post. "What a great (filthy) trip!!"

"Modern Family" aired on the ABC Network for 11 seasons from 2009 to 2020. The mockumentary-style family sitcom told the daily lives of three related families. The show received critical acclaim, winning 22 Emmys of 75 nominations. Bowen won twice for supporting actress in a comedy. 

FOX News contributed to this story. This story was reported from Los Angeles.