Plenty of music, plenty of drama in FOX's new show 'Monarch'

The Roman family is unpacking their cowboy boots – and lots of drama – as "Monarch" moves in this week, with Susan Sarandon and Trace Adkins leading the way. 

"There are the three kids, there's them fighting and then they fight with the parents and it's just, it's never-ending and then other people come in and there are relationships that fall apart and it's just craziness all the time," Adkins said.

Music – both covers and originals – take center stage each episode.

"You know, these folks can sing, they can sing, and I was impressed with it," Adkins continued. "And yeah, I mean there's always music. Somebody singing something somewhere, yeah, it was always around."

Cast members are sharing excitement from Nashville to New York, from the Opry to a SoHo pop-up shop, where we caught up with star Anna Friel, a native of England.

"I started with the accent and I listened to lots and lots of country music and then I learned as we went along," she offered. "And every time we had guest stars, they were incredibly open and I asked them many questions." 

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Friel also noted how special the music is.

"I love the original music because it was written to go with our characters. In episode 10, I’ve got a duet with Trace which is one of the highlights of my 30-year career."

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Susan Sarandon and Trace Adkins in the series premiere of Monarch airing Sunday, Sept. 11. (FOX via Getty Images)

Show creator Melissa London Hilfers loves how they're introducing a female-driven show set in this world. 

"The women are the bosses. The women are pulling the strings and we are in charge," she said. "The very seed was that there's this incredibly strong powerful woman and what happens, what does she build and what does she create and how is that going to continue."

She also can't wait for audiences to see who shows up. Martina McBride and Shania Twain are just a few of the guest stars this first season.

"Monarch" airs Sunday after the NFL doubleheader, then moves to Tuesdays starting September 20 on FOX.

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