More than 500 homes underwater in La Grange

One of the hardest hits from Harvey in Central Texas was in Fayette County where hundreds of homes were underwater as the Colorado hit major flooding levels.

The Colorado River in La Grange crested at just over 54-feet Monday afternoon - making it the worst flooding the town has seen more than a century. Sky fox drone got a first look at the massive flooding as the river broke it’s banks submerging more than 500 homes, partially flooding many other homes and businesses. Sherri Cervantez has lived in La Grange her whole life, “I never thought I would live to see or witness flooding like this where people lost their homes.” Cervantes and her son Joshua were two of many who made their way to Water Street about a 1/2 block away from Town Square, “Worst I've ever seen La Grange take a hit like that,” Joshua said.

Furniture could be seen floating down the river, animals were trying to escape the raging water, people watched as homes were literally taken by the river, “He watched an 80-foot trailer go down and he's probably said it's going to end up in Matagorda.”

Highway 71 the road you would normally take to get to La Grange from Austin was closed in both directions as the highway has became part of the Colorado River.

Residents were quick to find light in the time of darkness. Jimmy Dwigans, lives in La Grange, “It will bring everybody together for sure that's one good thing,” he said.

They were also getting prepared to help those that have lost everything. “This community is a good community to be in, we are helpful. We are all going to help them and do the best we can to help them out,” Joshua said

The Colorado River was finally trending down Monday night, but the National Weather Services said it wouldn't be below flood stage until Thursday afternoon that week.