Mother brings 4-year-old daughter on burglary run

The call for help came Tuesday afternoon from a couple who live in Cedar Hollow Crossing.

It's a rural mini ranch subdivision just west of Georgetown. "The owners of the home showed up to their house,they noticed that their gate had been broken into and noticed an unfamiliar vehicle parked in their driveway," said Patricia Gutierrez with the Williamson County Sheriff's Office.

After a brief search of the area Gutierrez said a mother and her daughter were found walking in the yard.

Property from the home was also located in the car.

The woman, identified as Racine Young, was arrested and charged with burglary.

Kirsten Perez, who has two small kids of her own, told FOX 7  this "bring your child to work" case is disturbing but not surprising. "Sadly I can believe it, but it is shocking. On one hand you think at least the child wasn't left somewhere alone, cause I imagine when people go and do horrible things their children are with god knows who, but on the other token, my goodness, why would you ever take your child with you to go and commit a crime, its appalling," said Perez.

Investigators do not believe that Racine Young was actually making her child take part in the break-in.

But caseworkers with child protective services were notified. "The child was taken by the paternal grandmother and CPS was notified so they will be following up on that child," said Gutierrez.

Officials with Child Protective Services could not provide specific details about the case, only that an active welfare investigation is underway.