Motorcyclist who survived a hit-and-run on Mopac fully heals

An update to a story we first brought you in August.

A 21-year-old man is now fully healed after a car hit him on his motorcycle and drove off. You'll remember the shocking images from when the accident was fresh, and how much pain the victim says he was in. He’s still searching for information leading to the person who's responsible.

21-year-old Austin Donner was born and raised in Austin, and he's been riding motorcycles since he was a teen. But his passion for riding, came to a screeching halt on August 24th.

"Around 10:15ish I was involved in a motorcycle accident. Someone rear ended me and didn't stop they just kept going. They drug me on the asphalt and hurt my arm, my back and she was never found."

After the accident, many muscles were showing through his arm. His back was the main problem, when he'd move around his skin would rip open. Preventing him from doing normal daily tasks, like cooking, cleaning, and laying down comfortably.

Four months later, miraculously he’s all healed. "I thought my foot would need more recovery but as soon as the stitches came out it was like nothing ever happened to my foot."

Doctors didn't expect full recovery until 2019 sometime. But Austin’s mental recovery isn't completely there yet. "Like the cops didn't do enough. Because they went to the toll four months after my wreck and they asked them for footage and didn't have anything."

That's because the woman he saw hit his motorcycle and leave, still hasn't been found.

Initially someone contacted him on Reddit saying they saw who hit him. "That ended up popping up and connecting to someone else’s car. A Ford Raptor, and it wasn't a Ford Raptor that ran me over."

Austin went back to work on October 19th. He's a track marshal at Circuit of the Americas and F-1 was coming up, and he didn't want to miss the opportunity. The day before he went back to work, he bought a brand new bike. Same model, different color.

Austin says it's true testament that time still moves on. "If the person is watching that did this to you what would you like for them to know? I'm still alive, I'm still working, it sucked because I missed a lot of work but it's fine because I'm doing what I still love to do. I keep forgetting about it but when I look down at my arm I remember again."

In the meantime, Austin says victim services with the Austin Police Department has been helping him pay his medical bills, and reimbursed him for the days he's missed at work.

I called and emailed the Austin Police Department to ask if Austin’s case is closed and if it hasn't, to verify the car they're looking for. At this time, they haven’t returned my calls yet.

If you have any information, call police.